Hallelujah! First Government Recognized Transgender Person Re-embraces Male Sex

‘The lie was crushing me’: First gov’t-recognized ‘non-binary person’ re-embraces his male sex

Lisa Bourne April 18, 2019 ( LifeSiteNews) – The man who made international news for being the first legally non-binary person in the U.S. continues to put his life back together after wrestling with gender confusion, mental illness, cross-sex hormonal treatment, and being exploited by advocates of gender ideology.

Hallelujah – Are “we the People” “under God”?

Praise God for His goodness. Thanks be to God for our authorities on earth. They are in need of prayer. I am thankful for the good that they have done, but I am still concerned about how strange political parties are. How can they both be for half good things, and half things that seem to me un-Christian or evil?
On one hand, you have the Democratic Party which is trying to say we should help the poorest of the poor, befriend other nations, and provide some kind of universal health care which i think is good, of course within the realm of trying to help them work and recuperate. I am thankful that they are to some extent helping us be conscious of not making a further mess of the ecosystem, though our first duty is to the hearts of our brothers and sisters. But then they go overboard and say we should help to the point of forcing people to pay for other’s sins including killing babies and that we have to lie about it being a sin or lie about who is a man or a woman, that if we think that abused women in homeless shelters or a little girl in a bathroom should not have to be there with grown man who is a stranger. In one shelter it was a man with a beard going on about his conquests of other women (supposedly a lesbian). Or with a drag queen reading them story time telling them to do whatever they feel like in the public library is wrong. I don’t want to condemn the people acting in this way but they need to understand it is not right and that in Christ they can change, they will change if they are truly in Him because Christ will not let one of His sheep out of His hands and the seed of God doesn’t sin, and if they don’t change they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven so Jesus will bring them to desire and do right but as far as it concerns them they must change putting their trust fully in Christ. I hope this makes sense. In New York we can be fined and in Canada are put in prison for speaking out about it. (in one case a stranger, Maybe not everyone in the party agrees with all of this but its kind of what the package seems like, i think.
Then you have the Republicans which are more directly standing up for the name of Jesus, for protecting the unborn, freedom of speech and in general encouraging that we get our act together, but then there is going overboard and calling all illegal immigrants scum and useless, and trying to bring disdain to aid the poorest of the poor in Haiti, saying that the freedom to own guns is a moral issue when the country is no longer morally accountable enough to be able to have everyone with guns so easily accessible, and i just have trouble seeing owning guns outside of being a police officer as being a teaching of Jesus. The party also saying that taking care of the planet is not an issue ( again, granted the human heart is most important and if we take care of our hearts the rest will be made clean), but the first job of Adam was to tend to the garden, well, perhaps more than that it was to not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I am concerned by what seems a greater concern for economic prosperity and serving money, when you can’t serve both God and money, and the party says it is trying to stand by morals, while a the same time representative are living what seems to me unrepentfully of lewd actions in their lives. I think it’s sad that we can’t pick and choose what we find best, but need to get the whole package which isn’t very caring right now i think.
Now to me, and i am far from perfect and i don’t want to be a judge, the latter at this point still seems the only one i could to some extent work with, but my hope is all people come around to unity in the truth. Our authorities are in that position, placed by God, and i don’t want to be arrogant in my above statements, but i just think they need prayer and want to give my voice, to help persuade “We the People” who are in a sense a greater authority than the president in “One nation under God”, who is the ultimate authority, to come back or even if for the first time, to God the Father of Jesus Christ according to His Word.

II Chronicles 7:14: if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (ESV2011)

Hallelujah! Admitted to Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary

Hallelujah! I was notified i was accepted to Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary. God willing i hope to study and get a degree in Exegetical Bible studies there. While a degree in itself doesn’t mean anything, i felt impressed it is kind of like a drivers license. You may know how to drive without a drivers license, but having it gives some kind of proof and accountability to your ability. Elders in a church are to be tested so this is one avenue i think by which it can be done.

I believe Bethlehem are doing a great job in comparison to everywhere else i saw. I am very blessed by John Piper’s exposition of God’s Word, and i can’t think of a place i personally would rather go. I am quite impressed at their effort to make it about missions and not money to the glory of God in Christ Jesus. They give every student a 10,000$ scholarship per year funded by their church, so even with room and board the studies come to under 10,000$ a year which for the USA is very inexpensive (many schools like Reed which have gone far astray in many areas from truth and where my life totally broke down are over 40,000$). Again this is their website: http://bcsmn.edu . I am transferring in as a Junior so currently also starting monday the 1st, God willing, on some required studies online in Greek. Then, God willing and if i live, i will study on site this coming August. Hallelujah, all glory be to God through the Lord, Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son and one with Him.