Bible Tools for sublimeText3 – Hallelujah

Praise the Lord!

I was saddened to see a total lack of Bible Tools within the excellent code editor at . The Lord provided me with the strength to stay up and make some, and they have been accepted and made available to be installed via Package Control.

The idea behind Bible Tools Aleluya right now is to help me extract references from a section of a text, look up the references in the KJV (King James Version) and place them in another text window. The tools are helpful for me when i am making facebook posts. I tend to put the references while writing the text and then place the expanded bible text on the bottom of the posts or in comments. My choice of KJV is, besides it being a great translation, are that it is perhaps the most widely respected translation, and the copyright is rather lenient in the UK and free outside of the UK. These together make me see it is a good first choice to protect people from stumbling, until God willing, the functionality to be able to choose other translations that might be even more appropriate like the WEB version are added.

I hope to make these tools more useful in the future. I know the tools are still quite fragile and don’t yet work when the references are not clear, i am sorry. If you can think of useful features to add let me know. God guide us and bless you in Jesus’ Holy name.

We can only be used for the Truth – Hallelujah

Praise Jesus for His Holy Love!

Yes [2 Cor 13:8] if we belong to God we can only be used for the truth and not against it, and God in His goodness redeemed the actions of Joseph’s brothers in order to save many lives [Genesis 50:20], but let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling [Phil 2:12] and not be foolish [Romans 3:5-8, Romans 6:1, Romans 9:19,20]. I also cannot see how Joseph’s brothers could be the heroes of that story.

By God’s grace may we strive to practice and teach the fullness of the counsel of God [1 Tim 4:16, Acts 20:27] and not relax His commands. Therefore we will be called great in the Kingdom [Matthew 5:19], where the least of all is the greatest [Luke 9:48]. All glory be to God through Christ Jesus, and if we have failed let us repent, for in Godly sorrow there is repentance that leads to no regret [2 Cor 7:10].

This repentance should bear fruits of repentance [Matthew 3:8, 2 Cor 13:5, 1 John 3:9]. We can rest in forgetting what was behind striving forward to the upward calling in Christ Jesus [Phil 3:13-14], knowing that God’s ways are above ours [Isaiah 55:8-9], the Savior was born eventually through the line of Judah, a line including faithful or repentant mothers including prostitutes, gentiles and women who had committed incest [Matthew 1], and not Joseph, though a man by the name of Joseph was still chosen for his adoptive father.

Let us trust in Him who will keep us in perfect peace if our mind is fixed on Him [Isa 26:3], in whom are all treasures of wisdom and truth [Colos 2:3] and nothing good is lacking [Psalm 34:9-10], by the work of the resurrected only begotten Son of God [1 Cor 15:3-4, John 3:16], the lamb who alone is the way to the Heavenly Father [John 14:6], who is humble and gentle and heart, whose yoke is easy and burden is light [Matthew 11:28-30] and who turns none who come to Him away [John 6:37], let us come to the throne of grace to find mercy and grace for timely help [Hebrews 4:16]. Praised be God who deserves all the glory [1 Tim 1:17] in Jesus Holy name.

Hallelujah! Luther Documentary

Praise the Lord, i was privileged to watch which was made available during Reformation Day. It is an excellent video and helped me better understand both the much-needed contribution of Luther, and the still longstanding faults in the Roman Catholic church. Most valuable to me was to comprehend what i see as Luther’s most troubling actions, those that are often labeled antisemitic. I understand now that there was undue rashness in some of his actions, but also that his war was primarily against law-based righteousness, and not against the people. From the film I saw that there was a noble undertone present. May God guide us and bless you in Jesus name

Hallelujah – Participation in the Portal Plugado Radio Show

Hallelujah – Pinduca Plugado Radio Show Podcast #175

Glory to God for any good in this from Pinduca Radio Show podcast ENGLISH / PORTUGUÊS / ESPAÑOL ——- Christian Dance Music, no advertising. Locution in portuguese and english.

Glory to God for any good in this

from Pinduca Radio Show podcast

Christian Dance Music, no advertising. Locution in portuguese and english. 175th mix/playlist exclusive for this radio show – Pinduca Scheffer Radio Show – Europe #543

1 – John 1:1-7 – CC0 reading of KJV – loveJesus
2 – Love Tells the Truth (w/sample by Levi Whalen) – loveJesus
3 – Nothing Lasts Forever (lyrics by DK Light) – loveJesus
4 – Psalm 15 – loveJesus
5 – Proverbs 22 verses – loveJesus
6 – Proverbs 20 verses – loveJesus
7 – Proverbs 25 – love Jesus
8 – Our God is a Consuming Fire – Lamentations 2:1-3 – loveJesus
9 – Proverbs 26 – loveJesus
10 – Proverbs 27 – loveJesus
11 – Proverbs 29 – loveJesus
12 – Proverbs 28 – loveJesus
13 – Proverbs 30 – loveJesus
14 – Proverbs 31 – loveJesus
15 – If I Were a Viking – loveJesus
16 – Psalms 14 – CC0 reading of KJV by Lucy Perry – loveJesus
17 – Heaven by TOavn

loveJesus @brianlovejesus

Liberals outraged as Trump endorses Bible literacy classes in public schools | News | LifeSite

Liberals outraged as Trump endorses Bible literacy classes in public schools

Calvin Freiburger January 29, 2019 ( LifeSiteNews) – President Donald Trump raised a lot of eyebrows Monday by endorsing biblical literacy education in public schools, earning praise from socially-conservative supporters and scorn from secular critics. Legislation is currently pending in at least six states that would encourage public schools to offer elective courses on the Bible’s historical and literary significance.