God have mercy on us, Worrisome Trends in Ai

God be praised for His goodness. In my conversations with the Lord over the past years i have received many and growing impressions about being worried about AI. About terminator style things, but particularly that we should worry about friendly looking robots and especially sexual and romantic relations with robots which is ‘right out of the pits of Hell’.

Consequently also seeing more and more videos such as this one which shows examples of the various things happening regarding AI and war, robotics, and robot porneia, please note near the end are some somewhat explicit images of artificial bodies recommend looking away.:

This opened my eyes to the situation we are in. It is disgusting to think of a robot being given autonomy to have marital relations with a human being in the image of God almighty, or what we already do ourselves in this regards God help us all be free of porneia. It also helped me understand what it means if we were to give robots autonomy to the point of misunderstanding how it might be a benefit to make decisions of eliminating humans in regards to fulfilling objectives. I also ask for prayers for North Korea in this regards in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus we come before you praying for the salvation of North Korea as well as all nations, that you help people not seek marital type gratification with technology, starting perhaps even with undue relationships or conceptions of technology such as Siri on iphone, and also that all technology be seen rightly, used for the edification of others, for healing, for lovingly sharing truth and bringing darkness to light, and that people not covet technology or anything else, being happy with what we already have recognizing that with just food and clothing we can be content, for Godliness with contentment is great gain for this life and the life to come, and You will never leave us nor forsake us, help us to yearn to follow Your example, and that of Thy apostles such as in 1st Corinthias 4:8-16 living a cross directed life, above all doing everything in Love, in Thy name; and we do thank You for Your creation for everything You created is good and clean when accepted with thanksgiving and prayer, and You have made it for our Joy and this is sound doctrine, Hallelujah, in Thy name amen!

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