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Welcome to the new website!

To start out i want to recommend listening to the Daily Audio Bible at https://dabplayer.com

Brian Hardin has been reading the Bible in a podcast non stop for 12 years. He does an impressive job at it praise the Lord. There is usually a rather healthy meditation at the end of the reading of some section or sections of the reading, followed by a time for taking people along on the ministry and family journey. They host some events such as trips to Israel or today April 6 2017 a Woman’s event is now being hosted in Georgia, please be in prayer for it.

Lord Jesus we pray that this event be a success, help Jill Parr and the rest of the team to do a stellar job keeping eyes focused on You, being ready for Your soon coming while being loved and ministered to, that they and we all keep in step with the Spirit and die to the misdeeds of the flesh, and equipped for every good work by Thy grace and To Thy glory in Thy name amen

There is then a time for user submitted prayer, praise and stories, it feels edifying to know that you can count on a loving community of thousands there too. There are readings also of Proverbs (1 Chapter per day of the month), Psalms, for children, and readings in other languages such as Spanish, French and Chinese. You can engage more at https://dailyaudiobible.com. May God be praised for His goodness and mercy in Jesus name


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