Revelations Signs Part 01 – Hallelujah

God be praised, here is an exposition of several things happening now that should be clear cause of awakening and concern that the coming of Jesus Christ is soon. I do not specifically want to declare that these ARE the signs in revelations, but that it seems clear enough to me that these seem that they do point strikingly to being so and let us pray still for the salvation of souls along with the wellbeing of all to the glory of God and the soon coming of our king Jesus.

First I want to show about the drying of the River Euphrates:

Also about the desires of the Globalized banking industry that we all purchase with a chip, these chips use an cypher number by the way, and that if we are displeasing to them then we will have the chip turned off so we cannot buy or sell.

First here is an example a few months ago of someone buying with an implanted chip.

Now an interview of Aaron Russo who was in place to run for Governor of Nevada and had befriended Nicholas Rockeffeler.

I do think it is always good to have two witnesses in order to prove something and it would be nice to hear Mr. Rockefeller’s defense in his case.

Here are two witnesses regarding the lights being turned off in the World Trade Center…


and the fact that they are apparently controlled demolitions particularly regarding World Trade Tower 7 which was not actually directly hit by an airplane.

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