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Text of Schaeffer Cox letter

Schaeffer Cox wrote this letter from his prison cell in Marion, Ill. It was posted to the “Stand by Schaeffer Cox” Facebook page by Maria Rensel, who has been corresponding with Cox. Dear Sensible People of a Candid World, My name is Francis August Schaeffer Cox.

God is good, this is quite a surprising situation. I am not fully sure what to think of the 2nd Amendment, but it is the law in the United States.  From some videos of FBI whistle blowers it seems to me plausible that Schaeffer is telling the truth. May God help him, as well as all the people involved in convicting to come to repentance and love of the truth as well as all i may ask, i understand from Scripture i am worthy of the hottest hell apart from the grace of God may God who is good guide us in Jesus name.

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