Insight regarding the Talmud, Aleluya!

Insight regarding the Talmud, Aleluya!
God be praised
I hope you are doing well, God guide us and bless you all! I think the Lord clearly wanted me to watch

Before anything God protect us from being against the people who call themselves jewish for our fight is not against flesh and blood.  Most interesting to me was the description of how the ‘traditions of the scribes and pharisees’ eventually became the Talmud which is sort of like the traditions of the Roman Catholic church some are right and wise and a few are quite seriously wrong, or Sharia Law to the Muslim.  And we can see many of the things Jesus talks about here, for a modern mistake you can see how in Israel they interpolated Exodus 23:19 “do not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” but now they are not allowed to have restaurants the serve meat and dairy in the same restaurant, or like God saying “do not eat the forbidden fruit” yes Eve added “and we must not even touch it or we will die” but adding to it did not protect her from breaking the original command.
The video among other things that are also interesting, exposes some much larger errors the Talmud has… which i was able to verify the ones i have checked are true such as  regarding things such as ‘it is of no consequence to rape a 3-year-old girl or under because it doesn’t affect her virginity’ and the bleeding is because of this regrowing of ‘virginity’ sorry if too picturesque, but that no guilt is incurred.
    They get the allowance of child marriage from a wrong understanding of of taking young women from battle, something i think is also easily refuted by implying in commonly understood context that breasts should be formed before marriage, you can read the commentaries. They get the age of 3 from among other things i think the dating they came up with of how old Rebekah must be when she married Isaac, which doesn’t make sense to me if you read Genesis 22-25 and i think does a pretty good job of explaining more clearly why this is not sensible. There are many other dark and disturbing things i was and still am not fully aware of. It helps me understand how cunning the evil one can work through those who are self-named Jewish but are not. God guide and help them and us all come out of deception and love the truth and bless them in Jesus name
    The video is also interesting that the 25 years of celebrating acceptance of homosexuality in Disney is the year after Disney died and a named jewish person took over, being the last major studio to now have a jewish person on top, and the main topic of the video being that the protocols of Zion has as a method the corrupting of the people with lewdness and distractions. This not directly against the people but interesting that this happened. I remember that beforehand Disney had Snow White praying to God, and it seems now the videos now have had more subliminal messages since then. I do not agree with how the video portrays some of the words put there by Disney but the porn in some pictures is obvious, some other ones put Illuminati references directly

 and by all means get the witchcraft and other occult things out of the cartoons, and put some clothes on the little mermaid and all the rest of the things. God have mercy on us all in Jesus name. Alright anyways, let us be awake and remain in the Love of God, for there is a falling away in effect for all those who do not receive the love of the truth God guide us and bless you all in Jesus name

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