How are you all doing today?

How are you all doing today? Whatever Christian Bible you believe is best today i would rather you read it than not read a Bible.
My own take on things is this: Even if you think that KJV was the best English translation, and i do think it is a very nice translation, many other’s reference the KJV too like “Standing on the shoulder’s of giants” has been said, but the itself KJV is not Jesus. We could say the original one’s in some way are, but the KJV is a clarification of the original for a specific audience. The original was even written in commoner’s greek not high greek. And suppose the KJV made the ‘greatest clarification’ that could be made, there is still further clarification that can be made. In Science you couldn’t stop at saying “Einstein made the greatest discovery so let’s just stop examining science, there are no more discoveries and build only off what Einstein said”, those on the side of truth are the one’s that come to Jesus.
I do think there are some translations that should be avoided like the JW translation which purposefully changed the Bible in many key areas. If you look at John 1:1 there is no way you can see that the word was a God, as it says and God was the Word. Many reasons. But if a person is starving on a desert island and has no Bible i suppose it is better than nothing, it’s like a cake with poison pellets in it, the cake may help him but he might eat some of the pellets and it could kill him.
There are other’s that judging by the fruit of the living as well, i am not sure we should be reading especially as our main Bible like the message Bible, the author recently said he is ok with homosexual marriage.
Anyways, i personally refer most to the ESV but like many other’s too for many reason’s. Sorry i have to go, more later God willing, love you all in Jesus
God guide us and bless you in Jesus name
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