God is good, i feel right to post https://www.audacitymovie.com and https://180movie.com in Jesus name I don’t know if i am a Pharisee or not, i am pretty sure i have it in me though and i don’t want to be and however it has acted in me i am sorry, and however it is what Jesus would do i am not sorry, and wherever i have been like a gnostic saying sin is ok or perverted God’s grace into licentiousness or shown favoritism i am sorry, and wherever i have shown true loving compassion to those who are escaping sin in the manner Jesus does i am not sorry, and i know i do have many mistakes, please forgive me where i have wrongly hurt you as many times i am not able to succeed in quickly following what i believe the Holy Spirit asks or have put it together well, and this is wrong, i want to clarify this better in a video, i am not sinless and don’t believe any human on earth will be til Jesus comes but let’s do what we can to be that way anyways, and wherever where the difference lies above i don’t yet know but He does and the only way i know and i believe there is, is staying close to Him, in whatever we do may we cleave to Him knowing His command is that we love one another according to the Word of God by His grace in Jesus name, By whom let’s stay holy and hate evil and become like little children
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