God be praised, could you guys please check if this

God be praised, could you guys please check if this message seems healthy?

God be praised, i don’t buy the idea ‘we cannot change our desires’. People’s words and our own can certainly influence what we desire , who we find desireable, as well as what we find undesirable. Knowledge of consequences including eternal fire from lack of repentance is important here too (1st Corinthians 6:9-12).

Our biggest enemy is the love of money i think from the Bible to flag something we have all been guilty of. Sin is born from our evil desires it says in James. And even when known as wrong, Romans 7 says how sin will use a good command to avoid the wrong, to kill us. I do think it is a weapon to be able to confess when the evil one is trying to pervert our desires. When we don’t want to do what sin tempts us and the evil one tries to rape us with all kinds of evil desires from adultery to pedophilia, incest, witchcraft and others it’s not directly our fault if we don’t want to do it but how to we change?

We can come to Christ and confess to our fellow Christians and be cleansed by His blood if we are walking in fellowship. It is an evil desire and its uncomfortable to do to confess and should not be seen as good but the blood of Christ cleanses us so the sin won’t attack and our desires can be healed and when we are prayed for we will have life. Above all let help each other desire God as He deserves and delight ourselves in Him, and humbling ourselves before Him so we do not have friendship with the world is a powerful weapon to unify our hearts do so. Sell your posessions and give to the poor, put your treasures in heaven for where your treasure is there your heart will be also, in Jesus Christ.
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