God be praised, sorry to bother you with this its

God be praised, sorry to bother you with this its not pleasant… i want to post this: God be praised, i want to congratulate a sister C. who has many great gifts from the Lord, when recently confronted about a sin in accordance i think with 1st Timothy 5:20 as hard as it was she did not make as if it was normal like going to the toilet, or confronting it was out of self righteousness (God help me where i am self righteous, wherever i suffer from this the Bible i understand tells us to do act this way without showing favoritism as much as we care about a person) and she confessed that in some way it was sinful, whether not married then fornication, or adultery when they separate, and as serious as these things are, i believe Biblically and a feeling from the Lord put in me too that it is enough, the blood can cover it and we can move on and support a sister who is a wonderful encouragement, a great asset to the body of Christ, we should love her and not give the enemy any ability to work against their lives, i am not Jesus this is what i understand He has us to do God help me obediently do everything as i should in Jesus name
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