God be praised, when i humble myself you can’t trust

God be praised, when i humble myself you can’t trust me that much, the reason’s i see i do it are that as i humble myself God is going to lift me up and i have all kind’s of disgusting reason’s for it like being envied, and reason’s why i do it, because i am bitter, because i didn’t have all my filthy selfish desire’s satisfied, because you don’t treat me like the really wonderful individual that is better than you all that, i really am not but in my twisted perverse mind i think i’m supposed to be God and want to destroy everything, that’s the sin nature woking in my flesh, and it makes this wicked prideful selfish insect like bug try to crawl up and take power, this vain thing that says i am beautiful when i am worm, dust, my flesh being a denier of the almighty God that made heaven and the earth and is all surpassingly beautiful, who patiently deals with us as we murder innocent children in the womb, who cares for these children as we grow into perverse beings that can grow to beat up our Father’s and Mother’s who have spent themselves to sacrifice themselves on our behalf like i do which are wrong things, the enemy traps us into wickedness and thelight has come into the world, let us turn from the darkness and love the light, the only begotten Son of God, that light is Jesus Christ and He does have a beautiful plan for your lives, but our hearts are wicked and vile, the Word says so, let’s leave the friendship with the world which is enmity with God, for all that is in the world passes away, the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, pride in posessions and vanity of life, He purifies us to not be instruments of wrath, humble yourselves before God, turn your laughing into wailing and your happiness to gloom, and unify your hearts to fear Him, in due time He will lift us up, our home is not here, while we do our best to demonstrate and live heavenly, i think in post-apocaliptical wisdom too in ways, the days stand against us, this creation will be burned up by fire, both the heaven’s and the earth, and we have a new heaven and earth awaiting us if we believe, where all sin and things that cause sin will be firmly away forever, we persevere by His precious and great promises, let us trust in the blood of the lamb and grow of the virtues in 2nd Peter Chapter 1, and stand firm in the true grace of God by His mercy and power come Lord Jesus and have mercy on my vanity, arrogance and pride, my lack of love in Thy Holy name
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