God is good, from my understanding of the Bible and

God is good, from my understanding of the Bible and prayer, children are a blessing, i don’t see anywhere in the Bible that says we should limit the amount of children people in poverty have because they are poor or of a certain ethnic group. By all mean’s may we seek children be within wedlock and if failing that at least they are not murdered. I do see that they are most often poor because they are oppressed by the rich, though at times it is also because of getting caught in sins of various kinds, often from a lack of faith in Christ, (and God does say certain sins at times can lead to barrenness like adultery but barrenness is not a result of sin often like with the mother of Samuel). Let’s look that people love Jesus, children be formed only within wedlock, fight for equality, treat the oppression, the sins, and love the mothers and children and let everyone decide what is sensible for themselves with amount of children but it seems to me God is ultimately the judge, as we should not use chemical contraceptives that lead to abortion as far as some methods of birth control within marriage that are non abortive i don’t right now see if they are necessarily bad and leave it up to everyone’s conscience. Anyways grace of God in Jesus name
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