Hallelujah! Admitted to Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary

Hallelujah! I was notified i was accepted to Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary. God willing i hope to study and get a degree in Exegetical Bible studies there. While a degree in itself doesn’t mean anything, i felt impressed it is kind of like a drivers license. You may know how to drive without a drivers license, but having it gives some kind of proof and accountability to your ability. Elders in a church are to be tested so this is one avenue i think by which it can be done.

I believe Bethlehem are doing a great job in comparison to everywhere else i saw. I am very blessed by John Piper’s exposition of God’s Word, and i can’t think of a place i personally would rather go. I am quite impressed at their effort to make it about missions and not money to the glory of God in Christ Jesus. They give every student a 10,000$ scholarship per year funded by their church, so even with room and board the studies come to under 10,000$ a year which for the USA is very inexpensive (many schools like Reed which have gone far astray in many areas from truth and where my life totally broke down are over 40,000$). Again this is their website: http://bcsmn.edu . I am transferring in as a Junior so currently also starting monday the 1st, God willing, on some required studies online in Greek. Then, God willing and if i live, i will study on site this coming August. Hallelujah, all glory be to God through the Lord, Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son and one with Him.

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