Month: December 2019

Bible Tools for sublimeText3 – Hallelujah

Praise the Lord!

I was saddened to see a total lack of Bible Tools within the excellent code editor at . The Lord provided me with the strength to stay up and make some, and they have been accepted and made available to be installed via Package Control.

The idea behind Bible Tools Aleluya right now is to help me extract references from a section of a text, look up the references in the KJV (King James Version) and place them in another text window. The tools are helpful for me when i am making facebook posts. I tend to put the references while writing the text and then place the expanded bible text on the bottom of the posts or in comments. My choice of KJV is, besides it being a great translation, are that it is perhaps the most widely respected translation, and the copyright is rather lenient in the UK and free outside of the UK. These together make me see it is a good first choice to protect people from stumbling, until God willing, the functionality to be able to choose other translations that might be even more appropriate like the WEB version are added.

I hope to make these tools more useful in the future. I know the tools are still quite fragile and don’t yet work when the references are not clear, i am sorry. If you can think of useful features to add let me know. God guide us and bless you in Jesus’ Holy name.