These are longer term writings, resources and projects.

Specifically i hope to write a history the Lord asked me to write of my experiences and illustrating among other things my path of healing from what was called ‘schizzoaffective bipolar illness’, fight to help my beloved by faith fiancée in Jesus be free too and her family be blessed, and many other things. This is a work in progress in Jesus name.

I also hope to write in regards to exposing ome false teachings that are prevalent in churches. To help aid in being mature and not being carried and tossed by the waves and schemes and cunning ways of man.

I may link or elaborate on some services, ideas, sites and resources i have been involved in, such as service projects and open source code to the glory of God.

I hope also to post some of the impressions i believe i have had from the Lord.

May our eyes be kept on Jesus Christ in His name – Hallelujah.