Experiences / Testimony 2005 – part 03 – House – Aleluya

I moved in before Jennie or Elizabeth had come, and Tara was on the way. Some friends Rachel Sandy came and Lk and we had a bottle of wine. The house was empty… we ended up furnishing the house, it was quite nice in many respects. I think we all got along relatively well with each other.

  • Elizabeth had a fear of seing wires around so we got wireless speakers for the DJ equipment. She was fun. She was allergic to cats, i remember at one point i made friends with a stray cat outside and she said “No please don’t bring it near the house i am allergic” so i said oh ok… so as i was about to shoo it out of the dorway it ran into the house straight into Elizabeths room under her bed. I felt like when i was 5 years old and broke something the first time and wanted to hide and never be found that all the universe was going to collapse. Elizabeth came downstairs with the cat and put it outside and looked at me. I think she felt sorry for me and said “Its ok…” I felt like World War 3 was averted… Praise God! Elizabeth was a neat person, she would make the same food ever meal for weeks on end it seemed, and at times i would try to see how to make it how she liked, such as sliced apples on melted cheese and toast with i think a bit of mustard.

  • I kept thinking more and more that “God has things under control, seek first His kingdom and its righteousness and all things would be provided”. Well i was doing a terrible job at seeking first His kingdom, but I started noticing some things, like when i was out of food probably from spending most of my money of beer, Jennie’s parents came and said “You know we saved part of a sandwich we thought you might be hungry”. They are rather kind to me, i remember at this point how they mentioned if Jennie who had the topmost floor fell out of the window i could catch her and be her saving prince, it helped me feel a bit better than mud to hear it. Jennie was the one that helped me most of the time though. It was nice she invited me over to where we were housesitting and we would listen to music and eat blueberries she picked or go swimming on the Sandy river it was really nice to have her friendship. At one point i remember we were in a club and i thought some kind of strange spirit went from my eyes to hers and back maybe trying to cause lust but i just wondered at the meaning of that strange vision, whatever the case praise God we never talked about romantic things with each other i was totally a mess. But also other things like People feeling mercy and helping out just on the last day of rent, sometimes people would help without me telling the situation. I would do some weird things like in a store i bought chicken for a man who looked homeless, he kept pushing it away and saying “NONONO i am not homeless that is nice but give it to someone who needs it” and then got into his car and drove off. I think i bounced a couple checks this way, i know one for like 37 cents for the tail end of a purchase i did not have the chance to pay back. I still had to pay i think Wells Fargo though.

  • At other times though i felt like God was starting to talk to me more and more. I remember i was thinking about God, and secular songs were passing on a secular radio station that i knew the lyrics to but i would hear them changed, all of a sudden they were about Moses passing through the desert, or angels in Heaven… and i was like “What is going on here?”. I visited a couple churches nearby. I was amazed that almost all the people in one were rather old, i noticed it was behind a retirement home i think. The people were nice and grateful for my visit, they were few. I went into another church that was rather full, at least a hundred+ people and the Ministress was talking about helping people, and everyone nodded and she said “Don’t just sit there like bobble heads we have got to do this” I thought hmm… They seemed nice but it just felt like i wasn’t really experiencing God to the level i needed to, of course i did not bother in this church to ask for help or maybe i would have been given proper help.