Experiences / Testimony 2014 – part 03 – Guatemala MNC – Aleluya

Experiences / Testimony 2014 – part 03 – Guatemala MNC – Aleluya

Alright back in Guatemala. I get home from the airport and i open my email and i see and email from a company that says “Hi, we saw you have Ruby on Rails experience and are wondering if you are looking for employment.” I think wow neat. I look at their company website at https://mnc.gt and it looks nice and i go over for an interview shortly after. Praise God it seems they are hiring for a US company, i tell them i would like 15$ an hour which is quite a bit for Guatemala but somehow things work out. The team seems nice, the hiring lady Nicky is nice and we talk about God for a while she tells me she has a baby. Something feels a bit off, but she is very professional and nice.

I start thinking a bit more about dearly beloved Hannah… but i’m like no no she isn’t it. But… it would be kind of nice. And get back to work on things. Going back to Union Church is nice though many of the closer friends i had are no longer there but still happy to see many of the faces, i become better friends with David Cavazos the youth pastor and try to give him a website, and most importantly Jesus is always there. The tuesday night groups are always fun. And its nice to have work here in Guatemala. I have to reopen a facebook account for the employment, and slowly add old friends. The work is interesting, and it seems somewhat meaningful trying to make an app that we wanted to market as a mix between tinder, craigslist and the salvation army. MNC did i think a pretty decent job with mockups and planning, and i was put with a neat man overseas to help me get started on areas of Ruby on Rails i had less experience with such as API documentation, testing, and following more orderly procedures in working on API for mobile. I had been praying for having some experience with all these things. The exteral project managers were a lot of fun, one guy was super exuberant and motivating, the other a bit more calm and reserved and they worked well with out team i felt. Internally the guys were neat. It was fun to work on the project and come up for ideas of a section, i came up with an idea for a carrousel and we put a carrousel button in. That was my contribution or better said their being kind and letting me participate in helping with design praise God. Most importantly was open to hear about Jesus but i hope i was helpful to them in that aspect, some of the interlocution was not the most Godly but there were some remarks from them saying sorry its just hard to stop saying bad words which gave me compassion and understanding that they are trying as we all are. Bad words are far less important that other things above all that we have faith in Christ and love one another.

To “help me” work i had taken to continue with trying to make homemade matcha by taking green tea bags and splitting them open and pouring them in boiling water and eat them. My friends thought it was interesting. I would sometimes make them smoothies with it… and things felt pretty much in order. My work felt in order, my life felt in order, debts in order, i felt pretty happy, church was in order even if i was on medication things felt well and i really wasn’t thinking about the medication or stopping it at all. But the caffeine was sort of our of hand i would have sometimes 20 tea bags a day. I cut down more and more, and was weaning off caffeine. I thought at least i was no longer drinking coffe but i just sort of felt this had to go too. Maybe chocolate every now and then but no more. I still had some overseas work i could do for crowdstar but it just felt like i couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was rather exhausted after the MNC work and i didn’t find fulfillment in the other work enough and after a few weeks noticed it wasn’t working out and eventually dropped the project.

As the months go on I start talking to my friends about dearly beloved Hannah, and how i think i am starting to be a bit interested and kind of want to push it off but i just am wondering about her. But… I don’t think she is the one. As time goes on i start to think… well, why don’t i think she is the one. I kept getting prophecies that very soon i would know who it is, and i had visions it was right around the corner and things like i had already talked to the person. But it wasn’t clicking too well. I started thinking, if this year ends and i don’t find out who it is i am just going to ask her, i think i kind of like her and i’m tired…. i do want to ask her… no no brian wait for God. Then Mario comes over to our house and i feel i am supposed to ask her about dearly beloved Hannah and i do, showing him her facebook picture. He says Brian that is your wife. I wait a bit and say, are you sure? He says yes i am sure, she is your wife, and you will have a daughter with her. She is the one i saw in the vision before and i saw you two again with a beautiful daughter together.

I am told this and sit back on the sofa and exhale. Thank You God. I feel thanksgiving and rest and peace.

Mario tells me to verify it with a test like Gideons. I try it a few times with strange results… One made me think like “you decide” it was like a drop fell in a bowl and another i wanted to know if it fell out of the bowl but it fell on the edge and split into two pieces. The other i did with a cloth, and i remember one time i found the cloth wet on the side i had asked, and the other time i got up late and it was wet from like a sprinkler on the side i asked, but only in a keyhole shaped spot. As time has gone on it has made me think that its a narrow road i am to be on to be with her, like the narrow road that leads to life, or difficult to die to myself in the sense of a camel going through the eye of a needle.

I get a few other confirmations from a friend Johanna who tells me to indeed that she would be brought to me and it would be like Rebecca with Isaac and to somehow get her similar things like a nose ring… I don’t remember too well. A few other things happened. I also get the courage to write Brian A. that i am thinking of asking out his former girlfriend and feel it would be good to have his blessing before. Praise God he writes back and wishes us well, we share a bit about how i am sad we aren’t talking since the issue of homosexuality and he explains he just can’t because he has relatives who are homosexual and thinks my view is hateful. I want to explain to him about how i have relatives likewise in that situation and don’t find words to share at that point.

I remember excitedly the day i am going to tell dearly beloved Hannah the news, i get to work and finally find her and write her the news. Another email was coming starting to notify me that Analu had great news for her life… it seemed she was now engaged…. And there i was after telling dearly beloved Hannah about the prophecy and that we would have a daughter.