Experiences / Testimony 2015 – part 01 – Up 2 Easter – Aleluya

After New years things started to coalesce. I kept remembering a sermon by Dante Gebel that at the time i thought was a terrible sermon but it seemed to ring more and more true. The statement that stuck was, pray all you can beforehand about the lady you will be with to sure she is the one before, but once you have decided go for it and fight for her as hard as you can, do not start wavering with doubt about whether or not she is God’s decision for you but you fight for her too. I started to realize something to the effect of “God doesn’t just want me to be with this woman out of obedience, but to guard her and set my heart to love her and love her personally”. I begant to think the things happening were a training for this. I had told dearly beloved Hannah that i wanted to love her like Jesus loves the church, and i knew this at times would mean, by the grace of God, being faithful even when she was faithless if that should ever happen like it happens all the time with our wicked hearts before the Lord.

I started fighting for dearly beloved Hannah and to try and give her stability in regards to my being committed to her as far as i was able to be by the grace of God. Things were getting better and we started talking about the possibility of me visiting her and we started to think about doing it in March. My dad here had offered me a plane ticket for Christmas to visit her (thanks dad here!) I started to talk to my dad here about the possibility of going and we looked for tickets.

The MNC Project was moving forward nicely and it was fun to work on. My part was quite a lot simpler than the Mobile side it seemed and i was always ahead on the work where they were, by sometimes by weeks. I began discussing with them about going to the United States and working remotely and we found a suitable stage where this would work out. We found a date in March and suitable plane tickets and a hostel i could stay at for some weeks, though i would try to see how else i could stay. Dearly beloved Hannah was ok with me visiting, though she felt uncomfortable about me staying with her in her apartmen, my dad here kept saying how much it would save on expenses, i saw both of their points and couldn’t decide which was more right but would try to not stay with dearly beloved Hannah. Eventually i came to be pretty firmly decided that if it was against her conscience that except for emergencies it would be right not be overnight in her apartment, a situation several times i did not know how to handle.