False Teachings

These are expositions of false teachings that are in some churches. My hope is that the church repents, not that it is condemned. If these churches denounce these teachings i will be very happy and help to share about such a thing. In the meantime, God help us be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. There are many warnings in the New Testament about false teachers, and it is written that we are to mark those who are straying so wildly from true doctrine and stay away from them. 1st Corinthians says we are to stay away from the greedy too, none of us are perfect yet but if i saw a pastor openly engaged in for example adultery i don’t think it matters how many good deeds or miracles they may seem to be doing i cannot recommend anyone go to that church until there is clear repentance and perhaps a time of healing or re-establishing. God guide us and bless you all in Jesus name.