Recommended Sites


Recommended Ministries

  • Desiring God ( is perhaps the most well rounded and well-known ministry out there today. It focuses on ‘God is most glorified in us when we are most delighted in Him’. John Piper’s look at the book section is filled with wonderful exegetical commentaries in ~12-minute chunks that are good during a  small break from work for example.
  • Francis Chan ( is a well-known pastor who i think does a great job by the grace of God of illustrating with his life and promoting living sacrificially for our King.
  • Living Waters ( is a ministry that does an excellent job equipping the saints for evangelism. Even if their method may not be the best for every situation, it is pretty solid and what matters is that it helped me recognize how to appropriately frame what Jesus did for us in light of Scripture. They also have produced excellent movies for current topics. More Below.
  • Daily Audio Bible ( Journey with the ministry and the Hardin family as the Bible read to you in a year. I wrote about them in the welcome blog post.


Recommended Media

  • Audacity Movie ( Spanish: The best movie i know about how love must tell the truth even when the truth might not be appreciated at that point, it is framed around the sin of homosexuality but valid for any of the sins in 1st Corinthians 6:9-10. I think it does an excellent job showing how God loves the sinner and hates the sin. A movie by livingwaters shown above.
  • 180Movie ( Exposes the terrible holocaust of abortion going on around the world today. Another movie by livingwaters shown above. Glory be to God in Jesus name